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Car Dealer

James B. Rivenbark, P.A.

Automotive Dealer Services Legal Counsel


My Services

Provide a suite of solutions designed to help dealers explore multiple areas of the purchase options while assuring compliance with shareholder, regulatory, and even customer demands.

Cover legal issues, regulation and litigation across the Eastern Seaboard.  I provide legal representation to new and used car and truck dealers, from everyday legal counsel to issues arising during transactions.

Skilled in counseling clients on how to best comply with the strict regulations imposed on automobile dealers and have successfully represented dealerships in handling consumer complaints and government investigations and prosecutions.  

About Me

Obtaining an auto dealership license means having to face complex rules and regulations.


I work with clients as they navigate the rules and regulations nuances of the auto dealer business and franchise law.

Legal Consultant to Automotive Dealers, Manufacturers and Consumers.

  • 40+ Years of Experience in Automotive Legal Matters

  • Automotive Dealer Services Legal Counsel

  • Helped buy and sell over 200+ dealerships.


Jim Rivenbark

Attorney at Law

I Guarantee








Dealership A

“Something nice about Jim and his services. Helped me sell my dealership without worrying about missing any crucial step.”

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