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James B. Rivenbark

Attorney at Law
40+ Years Experience

I know how to sell your dealership

or help you buy a new one.


​After years in the industry, I know a thing or two about the legal ins and outs of automotive dealers and franchise law.​


I have more than 40 years experience helping car dealers up and down the Eastern Seaboard deal with the ever-changing landscape of motor vehicle franchise law. I am determined to protect against the  increasing number of issues facing dealers as manufacturers impose their constantly evolving dealer network initiatives. 


I have extensive experience resolving manufacturer/ dealer disputes, having represented clients in over 40 states. I have experience handling all types of disputes, including termination, inventory mal-allocation, addition or relocation of competing dealerships, transfer turndowns, market realignments, internet sales, ownership, site control, exclusivity, warranty and incentive chargebacks. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of dealerships and ensuring they are treated fairly by their suppliers.


I am familiar with the landscape, the jurisdictions, the legal grounds and the buying and selling dynamics of this market.​


If you need help with your legal needs around the automotive industry give us a call and we can discuss it. 






Professional Associations

  • Certification A

  • Certification B

  • Certification C

  • UNC Chapel Hill

  • UNC Chapel Hill Law

  • Legal Professional Association

  • Business Professional Association

  • Community Professional Association

  • Dealer related Association

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