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Our dealership law firm specializes in complex commercial transactions, business and franchise disputes, operational issues, and litigation for automobile, truck, and motorcycle dealers. We have the knowledge and experience to address a wide range of issues, including auto dealer franchise laws. Our goal is not only to help our clients meet a specific, immediate objective but also to provide creative responses and strategic solutions for issues that might arise in the future.



If you're a dealer who is considering selling your dealership or acquiring another one, Jim can provide you with comprehensive assistance through the entire process. We can help with preliminary negotiations, due diligence inquiries, transaction document negotiation and drafting, and closing the transaction. Plus, we have extensive experience helping buyers with the dealer application process for many manufacturers. We know all the policies and requirements for candidates, so we can help you get through the process smoothly.



Jim assists clients with motor vehicle franchise law matters in the Eastern Seaboard United States. We have assisted various state automobile dealer associations with drafting franchise laws, and our team has testified before state legislators in support of new legislation. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex world of automotive franchising.



Jim has the experience to handle any matter that may arise in connection with a dealership termination, line-make market withdrawal or turndowns at your franchise. He is committed to providing the best representation possible for franchise transfers including sale transactions involving automotive businesses that require good faith dealings claims resolution or addition of dealership points.



Jim has assisted dealers with dealership succession issues as they relate to estate plans for the preservation and continuation of their assets after death. As in some cases, such as mergers or acquisitions by another company; Jim works closely alongside accounting professionals tax advisors while developing an appropriate plan that ensures proper disposal will occur when it comes time pass on property titles/controls over business operations within one’s name

Dealer Representative




Jim has represented franchises in termination disputes, from both Federal and State Courts. When remedies were not available or warranted through the court system Jim provided alternative dispute resolution services for dealer's cases before New Motor Vehicle Commissions, Departments of Motor Vehicles/Departments transportation, Divisions of Administrative Hearings, various factory Alternate Dispute Resolution Boards and third party arbitration/mediation companies. He is a skilled negotiator who can help you avoid costly litigation by working out an agreement that includes fair terms.



Jim is a go-to firm for dealerships as he's fought termination notices in Federal courtrooms as well as State courts; audit chargebacks from credit card processors or banks that process payments through car lots – even when those transactions were done legally by unrelated companies; management turndowns following an inventory Issue or succession disputes after founders retire/pass unexpectedly.



Jim represents motor vehicle dealers in all manner of manufacturer’s dealership audits including warranty service, new car sales and finance practices. This representation covers the spectrum from pre-audit preparation to post audit findings with penalties recommended by factory auditors that can be challenging for Jim's clients to accept or reject on their own terms without outside interference like an attorney might provide if they were being represented during litigation proceedings.

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If you want discuss any automotive legal needs., I am just one phone call away.  Jim Rivenbark.

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